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Strong Versatility In Filing Cabinets

File cabinets are not necessarily made of iron, usually by cold-rolled steel plate through a specific process of exquisite cabinet, applicable to documents, files, data and other items storage, basically will be used in this kind of cabinet storage. File cabinets for the characteristics of their material can be used for a longer period of time, resistance to a certain impact, with the lock is safe.

1 File cabinet surface after automatic spraying phosphating, environmental protection coating electrostatic spray treatment, coating adhesion, smooth and clean, safe and durable, File Cabinet non-toxic and tasteless characteristics. File cabinet parts and components is a punching finish, high precision, universal. High-standard welding technology, stable structure.

2 File cabinets can be made into a demolition structure, conducive to transport and storage. The file cabinet process is complete and precise, safe and stable, File Cabinet the cabinet is divided into several compartments. The built-in clapboard is strengthened and the compressive property is good. Some file cabinets can be adjusted to the height of the clapboard, storage of different specifications of the document.

3 Steel Plate After a series of complex processes, with a significant wear-resistant, fire, rust, anti-corrosion, moisture and other characteristics, increase the use of life.

4 File cabinet installation security better lock can be effective anti-theft, and not easily through the destruction of cabinets and steal internal data.

File cabinets are specifically used to place Office documents, information cabinets, generally placed in the office, study and so on; a broad file cabinet, which can be used to place a variety of things. According to the function detailed to include the general information cabinet, dense cabinets, drawing cabinets, wardrobe, lockers, key cabinets, shoes cabinets, staff cabinets, such as custom-made iron cabinets.

The file cabinet material generally chooses the solid wood to be good. The filing cabinets of solid wood appear upscale and greener. Market file cabinets, File Cabinet the use of the base material mainly particleboard, MDF, large core board, logs four categories. Particleboard, MDF and large core board three kinds, manufacturers choose raw materials, technology, its quality, price is different, File Cabinet the latter can be a difference of 3 to 5 times times. In color, also mainly in the dark, dark file cabinets appear more dignified, generous.