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Folding Cabinet Storage Capability

Folding cabinets have a strong capacity to receive and can significantly save space

Folding cabinet structure is complex, providing a simple structure, can be installed in the outdoor free of small folding cabinets. The technical scheme adopted by the utility model to solve its technical problems is a folding cabinet, the supporting frame of the cabinet body and the supporting cabinet of the cloth is characterized in that the support frame is cuboid structure, the supporting frame is composed of a vertical bar and a folding strut, and the other three sides of the support frame are the vertical bar and the cross X-shaped oblique rod. The cloth made of the cabinet body is soft and strong, the support frame folds, the cabinet body will not hinder, Foldable Cabinet the support frame and the cabinet body are connected to form the cuboid structure, may open the cabinet body, the front of the cupboard uses to place the goods inside and out, therefore uses the vertical rod and the folding strut to form there is no obstruction in the middle part of the front, convenient access to goods, support frame and cabinet body weight is lighter, folding and closing the volume is relatively small, easy to carry, especially suitable for carrying to outdoor use, the side of the support frame for X-shaped oblique bar, The crossing of the oblique bar can be rotated from a plane folded to form a line, the volume of a high degree of reduction, the overall structure is relatively simple, Foldable Cabinet open use is also very convenient. As an optimum, the middle position of the oblique rod is hinged with each other, and the end of the diagonal rod is hinged with the end of the vertical rod to the hinged foot. After the X-shaped cross, the middle part of the oblique bar is hinged together, this is not easy to fall apart, the end of the oblique rod and the end of the vertical rod joint hinged together, hinged to the hinged foot, the so-called hinged foot, indicating that can support, but also the oblique rod and the end of the vertical rod to be folded together. As an optimum, the hinged pin has a support plane and two vertical rotating surfaces, and the diagonal rod is hinged to the rotating surface and the vertical rod is fixed vertically to the hinged foot. The support plane indicates that the support frame is exposed to the ground and supports the plane, Foldable Cabinet the support frame is cuboid, so the diagonal rod between the support frame is in the vertical plane, the oblique rod is folded, it will rotate, and the hinged foot has the rotating surface without interference. As an optimum, the four hinged pins on the front of the support frame are laterally connected with two folding struts. The folding struts indicate that folding struts can be folded and supported when the support bracket is picked up. As an optimum, the support bracket is connected with two inclined bracing and two diagonal brace in the front corner of the support frame. When the folding struts are flattened, the inclined brace can be fixed with the vertical rod, so that the folding pole stays stable and the support frame is not folded randomly. As a preferred, vertical rod for telescopic rod, the vertical rod includes the outer rod and the inner rod, the inner rod is inserted in the outer rod, the outer rod is hinged to the hinged foot, the inner rod end is hinged to the hinged foot. Oblique bar is X-shaped cross, in the oblique rod rotation, the height of the support frame gradually become larger, so the vertical bar should be corresponding to the side length, the vertical rod using telescopic rod just meet the requirements, the inside rod can be outside the expansion of the rod. As an optimum, the position of the inner rod of the positive two vertical rods is opposite to the diagonal position, while the remaining inner rods are positioned at the lower end of the vertical bar. The position of the inner rod can be unified or not uniform.

As an optimum, the support frame is connected with a transverse brace, a two-segment folding structure, and a finite position is fixed in the middle hinge position. The diagonal bars are connected by a transverse brace, in the oblique bar expansion into the X-shaped to play a fixed role to prevent the oblique rod automatically folded, the support of the transverse brace is the way of the straight dead, through the limit of the position can be stable in the straight line positions, the limit can be in the side of the ridge. As an optimum, the cabinet body is cuboid, Foldable Cabinet the four vertical ribs of the cabinet body are fixed with a rod sleeve, and the vertical rod is worn in the rod sleeve, and the cabinet body on the front is provided with a zipper closed shutter, and a compartment is arranged in the cabinet body, and a side pocket is arranged on the two side of the cabinet body. The compartment can be placed in the interior of goods and play a differentiated role, the volume of the door can be closed through the zipper, Foldable Cabinet rod sleeve and vertical rod matching, vertical rod through the rod sleeve to support the cabinet, in order to be placed on the top of the cupboard, you can also set up a flat bag in the upper part of the cabinet, the flat bag is used for placing the flat plate, and when the cabinet is stretched, the flat plate will be placed in the flat bag to place the items at the top of the cupboard.