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Filing history

Ark (English Movable Rack, Japanese Mobile Studio), Japan used small size filing can save more than 70% of space, also known as shelves. Intensive Cabinet in Japan get has rapid of development, Japanese put it understanding for a can mobile of shelf, Enterprise shop using very universal. Shang century 80 generation with reform intensive cabinet with luxury of label incoming China, it to archives Cabinet of instead of products out now has large State-owned enterprise of Office. then domestic some large quickly imitation. which first of production base has at of industrial old base Luoyang. Shenyang. Central City Hebei hengshui and coastal of Zhejiang Ningbo, to.... With modern social of rapid development, information information also constantly to increased, for people of using and information of Exchange brings convenient of while, also for store, and check out and the management brings has new of problem, and intensive Cabinet of appeared for we solution has this problem, it store volume big, using convenient, save space, and convenient management, has became national government sector and large enterprises store information of best select.